Biosphere Association

The volunteer chair, Elizabeth Thorne, of the Biosphere Association has attended the last two Public Meetings, October 10th and December 2nd.  She, on behalf of the Biosphere, is encouraging council to put more restrictions on private property (as per her comments on December 2nd).

The Biosphere Association supports the use of Advanced Septic Systems (very expensive systems) on small lots (1 acre and less).  “Yes, it would be expensive, but it would be a one time cost”, said Elizabeth at the October 10th meeting.

The Biosphere Association strongly supports, that development within 120 meters of a PSW (Provincially Significant Wetland) be formally evaluated (at owners cost by the way) before any building can be done and that not all properties will be suitable for building.

Here are Elizabeth’s comments about inland lakes at the December 2nd meeting (at the October meeting she stated that the current 25′ set back is no longer enough):

“We feel, and here I am speaking on behalf of the Biosphere Association of which I am Chair, that the setback should be 15m as originally proposed. And we feel that way because it is very important that it that we provide protection to these inland lakes which are quite vulnerable and the level of DEVELOPMENT FROM 30-YEARS AGO TO WHAT IT IS TODAY is much more intensive. We know that there are certain practices that people engage in that do affect the inland lakes. So we would like to see the inland lakes for new development be at 15m. We recognize that this does not affect any existing properties. We also recognize that if someone wants to build an extension that they need to be 10m back. So we [the Biosphere Association] feel that is good. So the question – the issue is that we would like to see 15m and the question to Jack [Bruce County’s Planner] is what is the difference between these two.”